Why do they sell fake cigars? What do they aim? Is it only for making more money or scamming cigar lovers?

I think, both. These companies(if they really are) are unfortunately nightmares of cigars lovers. There is no legal action is taken against these companies. As I heard from a friend of mine working at Habanos S.A., there is a department in Habanos who are inspecting all companies selling Habanos product all around the world. Ok, but what is this department doing? Are they inspecting only companies selling Cuban cigars? What kind of legal actions are taken against these companies selling fake products. Answer is simple; nothing. I have sent mails regarding this issue maybe tens of times. I declared all companies selling fake cigars but I could not get a single reply. That’s the reason why I decided to write this blog and try to inform people and maybe urge Habanos S.A. to begin legal actions against these companies. I hope after people showing up interest to our blog Habanos will begin doing their job.

When we come to the issue, at this article we will inspect companies selling fake Cuban cigars online worldwide, list and reveal them one by one.

Our aim is to make everybody aware of these companies and try to prevent people buying from these companies. If we can succeed, these companies will lack in effect slowly and decrease their activities in time. Maybe there will be no need for Habanos to take any legal actions. J

We revealed current counterfeited Habanos products at FAKE CUBAN CIGARS article in detail but we also need your help to complete the whole list. You can help us by providing firms you purchased along with detailed images of the products that you are sure that counterfeited.

Below you can find the current list of websites selling fake Cuban Cigars online;
7 websites listed below is owned by individual called Andrey Yurechenko and all of them is same company.

Solo Cigars (Asia Cigars) (Accumweb Ltd.)

Solo Cigars (Asia Cigars) (Accumweb Ltd.)

Finest Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Finest Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Rocket Cigars (Asian Cigars) old name Go Cubans

Rocket Cigars (Asian Cigars) old name Go Cubans

Royal Habanos (Asian Cigars)

Royal Habanos (Asian Cigars)

Swiss Cuban Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Swiss Cuban Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Vip Cuban Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Vip Cuban Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Cuban Cigars Best (Asian Cigars)

Cuban Cigars Best (Asian Cigars)

Cigar Smokes (Asian Cigars)

Cigar Smokes (Asian Cigars)

Cuban Cigar Plaza (Asian Cigars)

Cuban Cigar Plaza (Asian Cigars)

Buy Cuban Cigars Online

Buy Cuban Cigars Online

(Updated 01.20.2019)

There are two noticeable websites in these;



There websites are advertising at the one of the most popular blog in the world (Cigar Inspector). It is unbelievable such a blog accepts this kind of advert. They should immediately stop this advertisement and should apologize from its visitors.

NOTE: We are really happy to reveal websites selling fake products to our visitors and we also would like you to inform us about other websites you know selling fake products.

ALL FAKE CIGAR SHOPS LIST (Updated 05.16.2020)

GoCubans.com with new name is RocketCigars.com
(Updated 02.27.2021)


ZohoCigars.com (This blog is inactive right now. The new name is CigarAdvisorBlog.com)
These kınd of blogs are seen as cigar review blogs however their aim is totally different. They direct you to their own sale websites and those websites sell fake cigars also we have pointed out these websites above article;

Enjoy smoking…

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  1. I bought several sticks in habanosplanet and thethouseofhahabanos, I am very analytical in the revision of the labels and the rings I noticed that in two boxes that I bought had the microseal code in miniature hidden in the label this gave me good impression besides that the product was good in smell and taste, but in another box diplomatico that I bought did not have the microseal code. as I understand this code should always be so I do not know.

    The truth is that they handle a very good price. if it is is not false, at least I had a good experience.

    • I don’t think so. Their FAQ is cut & pasted from Cigars of Habanos website, and I personally asked Ravi, The owner of Cigars of Habanos if Cuban Cigar Leaf is affiliated with them, he was PISSED when he saw that they did that, and told me they’re not affiliated in any way with him or COH. So, if they’re stealing pages from other websites, that doesn’t seem like a good sign that they’re a reputable company to me.

    • yes bro, I buy cuban cigar from them all authentic

  2. As I sit here smoking my Hiya de Monterrey Epicure Especial that I acquired from James J fox cigars in London on St James Street I am reading your articles and loving the comments. I have traveled to London many times and have enjoyed James J fox cigars each time. They are one of the only verified Cuban cigars sellers that I know of and can order from. They use DHL shipping and I have my cigars in 3 days verified authentic by the British government. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants a true Cuban cigar to purchase from that website.

    • Matthew Gunnoe

      What are you smoking?! THAT website wants $1000+ for a box of 25 Montecristos No. 2’s! For that price, it better be delivered with a hot, big-titted-red-head to light my stick too!

  3. Both my son and I have purchased from Ihavavnas and have no problems at all. We have always had great dealings with this CC online stores. Its the only we trust. Appreciate this page so much! Thank you letting us know who is fake… you’re saving money for many.

  4. cigar terminal is a good site ?????

  5. Hi,
    Does anyone know if this website is selling the real thing as they seem very low priced to me.

  6. Seems I forgot the link or it got blocked?? .It’s The House of Habano I was wondering if it’s legit? They have a lot of limited edition stock at low prices…seems too good to be true, so it probably is???


  7. Habanosplanet is no good? Please advise.

  8. anybody have experience with montefortuna cigars

    • They’re legit. I ordered a box of 10 Montecristo No. 5s which are real.

    • sb,

      I have had very good luck with them.

    • I had a horrible experience with montefortuna. Legit cigars, but bad customer service. What is on their site is not what they have in stock. They “ran out” of the cigars I ordered (long filler romeos fonsecas and bolivars). They offered to replace with jose piedra and quinteros. They did this twice.Scam company

  9. I waiting a order from royal habano 45 days


    pruebahabanos.com i think they are fake…..never seen a box of 10 Cohiba BHK 56 for $435.65

  11. What about Cuban Cigar-Shop?


  12. Oh many of these websites I thought they are original cigar sellers and unfortunately I am a mad follower of some of these blog websites. Thanks for the information not to get misleaded.

  13. I bought at pruebahabanos and thehouseofhabano.com, I have never bought BHK I think cigars for others, I have only bought 3 boxes of Hoyo epicure n.2 and the product is reviewed by a good friend, Habanos expert and told me they are legitimate.

  14. Hi,
    I am in need of Partagas Serie D for my best mate’s bucks party. I have found a store based in Hong Kong that looks legit and very well priced. They also offer free delivery. The site is nextCIGAR.com. Has anybody heard of or bought from here before?

  15. puroexpress.com – the first thing I noticed was that there was no bar code on the seal. Next, I noticed that someone had painted over the portions of the seal where the embedded micro-print numbers would have been. When I contacted the company, they said they removed all identifying marks on the seal because they deal in the “parallel market” for Habanos and they were “not too popular with Habanos SA”. I assumed this to mean the cigars were stolen. When I asked why the seal was missing a bar code, they claimed that only certain distributors which are located in certain areas put bar codes on the seal. Of course this is untrue, as every box produced by Habanos since 2009 has a seal with a unique bar code that can be verified on the Habanos website. The cigars looked very nice, but they were either counterfeit or stolen or both

    • you clearly have no understanding of the gray market, and you should really not make accusations like that could hurt someone’s business unless you know what you’re talking about. PuroExpress has sold me some amazing boxes of genuine cigars, including Cohiba & Montecristo. Serials are scratched off some boxes because Habanos SA’S rules dictate that merchants are only authorized to purchase cigars from that particular region’s distributor. Many of the online vendors purchase their stock from wholesalers from other territories, who are not supposed to be selling to them. When the serial number from a box of Habanos is entered into the authenticity check, you will not only see the description of the cigars, you will also see another coded number appear in the box above the description. This number is essentially a tracking number that can be used by Habanos SA to trace the original distributor that the particular box was sent to, and since the regional distributor who sold that box to a merchant outside of their authorized territory broke the rules, the serial is removed to take away this traceability. Since the serial numbers on Cuban cigar boxes have been relatively sequential for the last 10 years or so, it is possible to take the box date & assemble half of the serial number based on that alone. For example, for a 2019 box of cigars, the first 5 digits would be “00004”. You only need 7 digits to have the complete serial number. The microserials are printed in 8 or 9 locations all over the warranty seal, and are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. If your phone’s camera has a good zoom feature, you will often find that these distributors accidentally leave 1-2 digits behind in several spots. On at least 10 occasions, I have successfully pieced together serial numbers this way within a few minutes. I have never had a single box come back as anything else other than what they proclaim to be. Don’t ever assume because a barcode is scratched off that cigars are fake! ESPECIALLY if everything else looks above board! And btw, most of the time, the merchant does not remove the serial number, the distributor does! PuroExpress sells genuine cigars. I have Cohiba Corona Especiales, Cohiba Siglo II, Montecristo Petit Edmundo, Montecristo Petit no 2, Ramon Allones Small Club Corona, Trinidad Vigia, La Gloria Cubana Regionals from PuroExpress that are amazing cigars. The Corona Especiale is my favorite cigar currently, and the quality of the cigars from PuroExpress has been fantastic.

    • Puroexpress is a legitimate gray market online vendor dating back to ~2010 from personal experience. Back then, they operated out of Gibraltar, but they have since moved to Switzerland.

  16. Alston T Burge

    puroexpress and ihavanas are legit, been using them for years and have never gotten a bogus batch. 30+ years cigar smoker and 20+ Cubans. These are the only two sites we order from.

    • Mr. Burge is correct. Both ihavanas and puro (cigar export) are legit. It is the quality of the product that needs to pass muster. Cigars leave Cuba in mastercases of approximately 52 boxes containing 1300 cigars +/-. Large wholesalers open the mastercases and sort cigars according to quality with the top 1/3 of the inventory going to special places while the remainder is what we purchase from online retailers. None of these cigars are bad. They’re Cubans!! But some are better than others and if these are the goal then you need to source them out.

      • How do they gauge the quality of a cigar if the box is sealed? PuroExpress & various other online vendors have sent me sealed boxes multiple times upon request.

  17. Callum Thomas

    Does anyone know if cubancigaronline.com is actually legit?

    • I purchased two boxes of cohiba Robustos from
      Cubancigaronline. The cigars had a rough wrapper and the boxes were of a different color and dimensions from a box of cohibas purchased from casa Habanos shop in London. Probably Cuban tobacco but cohiba would never let these cigars through quality control. Not saying they are fake Cuban, who knows where the tobacco came from. I am saying I emailed a complaint days ago and have not received a response.

    • larry t mariano

      some of what they have in inventory on the site haven’t been produced since 2002 so I find it hard to believe they are legit

  18. Does anybody know if onecubancigar is a good site or fake ?

  19. One cuban cigar
    The real thing or fake ?

    • I have the same question re: onecubancigar.com. I’m ready to make a purchase, just trying to not get ripped off.

      • They are also scammers. They will take your money and not ship the product. When request for a refund, they simply ignored your emails. I’m currently disputing the charges with my CC. Not worth the hassle.

  20. I’ve purchased several boxes from Cigar Smokes. If they are fake, then they are doing the best job I’ve ever seen. ALL the boxes had the proper marks, date, factory stamp, and Habanos and Hologram/barcode/Republic de Cuba stickers. Furthermore, when I verified them on the Habanos website, they all checked out and were verified as to what they were supposed to be. Looking at the cigars, they all look good. The wrappers are good, the cigars are uniform, and the bands are all uniform .

    • Bryan Mansell

      Ditto. I was gob-smacked to see cigarsmokes.com listed here. I’ve had nothing but excellent Cuban cigars over the years

      • This is clearly another fake site. Cohiba Behikes for 550 a box! Sorry this site is connected with other fakes sites. Look at inventory and prices with discount markers.

  21. anyone got any info on EGM Cigars

  22. Scott Parenteau

    Habanostar anyone? 👍🏿👎🏿

    • I have bought for a while now, 6 boxes! Complies with all verifiable features, stamps, tags and page code. Good attention to the moment that I needed it. Good cigars.

    • Anyone bought from EGM cigars?

    • Habanostar has all the red flags of being a new fake website.

      • Just received 2 boxes of cuban cigar fr Habanostar.com which ordered in Feb, both are fake items, sent email complain but for sure that they didn’t reply me. Very angry!!!

  23. Hi, been looking for trinidad LE 2007, found it on http://www.thebestcubancigars.com. For 500 dollars They r quite hard to find
    Is it a legitimate site? Coz I normally buy from shops and ihavanas but couldn’t get them anywhere

  24. This is clearly another fake site. Cohiba Behikes for 550 a box! Sorry this site is connected with other fakes sites. Look at inventory and prices with discount markers.

  25. Is habanos planet shop is fake or authentic? Kindly give me your kind reviews

    • Hi Said.
      HABANOSPLANET.COM is definately fake website and stay away from them. This website is copy paste website and there is no any legal information.

      • With all respect you can not publish wrong information about the With all due respect, you cannot publish incorrect information about the website that has not been tested, Habanosaplanet is a legitimate site. I have been shopping on this site for 1 year and all the products pass the Code verification test and UV light.

        • If they are legal they must inform their legal information to their website.
          Legal Company name:
          Tax Number:
          Registered Address:

          If there are no any informations nobody trust them and they will be in our fake cuban cigar store list.

  26. Is Canadiancigaronline legit? Has anyone had experience with them?
    Also, I have read many comments as to why the barcodes have been scratched off and the serial numbers left on the seal. However, I used a microreader for some cigars I bought at a Mexican government run duty free shop in Cancun airport and compared the result to the serial number below the barcode and they match. I have also done the same with cigars purchased at a La Casa Del Habanos Official store and again both matched.
    However, I tried to do the same with cigars from cubancigarsonline and finest cuban cigars and found that both did not match. This was difficult with FCC as most of the barcode was gone but enough to scan.
    Both these sites I have read here are fake and I agree.
    I only wish I had found this forum before purchasing from these sites!

  27. is bellhop cigars legit?

  28. For peace of mind, World class quality and service deal with only authorized LCDH merchants.

  29. What about cubancigaronline.com They have high prices but also have a lot of rare and vintage cigars?

  30. I was thinking of ordering from my iHavanas.com Is this a legit company? I read a lot of mixed reviews

  31. Hello…some guy can let me know how about https://habanosexpress.com/ they are authentic shop or fake? thank all

  32. Is Cigars of Habanos legit?

  33. Has anyone had any dealing with “The Cuban Cigar MEGASTORE”?
    They claim to be located in a duty-free zone in Switzerland. Please advise, thanks…

  34. La casa del tabaco group. ? ( lacasadeltabaco.com) does any have anything on them.

    • I have purchased from them, and everything was legit. Great customer service, great selection. Just not the best prices. But they do have some rare cigars and large selection of non-cubans as well.

      • kevin chambers

        Has anyone ever heard of or tried premiierepuro. ?I’ve just discovered them & I’m curious

  35. Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes.
    PS: How are you? I am from France 🙂

  36. Here is a site that was recently developed. They have an instagram account as well. They ripped me off for $350 for cubans I never received. Everything seemed legit till they gave me shipping info from a fake shipping company, then they blocked me and changed their account name. Their scam is similar to the Puppy scam. Avoid at all cost the following website: https://tiendadehabano.com/ and their instagram page @lacasadelhabano_hava

    • I disagree with you I ordered from them I did receive though not within the time frame the prescribed but its understandable. Than leaving fake reviews you rather contact them.

      • When they sent me tracking, it was for a scammer shipping company called Universal Express Delivery (Their site was just recently took down). I knew it was a scam when they asked for an additional $705 for “insurance” that they said they would return upon receipt. They had no phone number to call, just chat service. I looked up the scam from the shipping company and it was pretty much verbatim to what you see in the Puppy scam. And when I messaged them through instagram to call them out on the fact they stole from me, they blocked me and changed their name and picture. They were originally “lcdh_lahabana5ta”, they then changed to “lacasadelhabano_hava”. They just recently changed their name back again to the first one.

  37. Hello guys, has anyone ordered from online-cigars?
    delays? legit? fake?
    thanks and good smokes

    • Yes, I’ve bought from online-cigars.com many times and they’re 100% legit, fast service, all boxes have Habanos codes which stack up, friendly and useful customer service too.

    • Online-Cigars.com are definitely legit and offer the best prices with free worldwide delivery 🙂

  38. Is lacasadepuros.net real or fake? Thanks

  39. Hello I found these two new sites similar to each other. one is from Spain with US servers and the other one from Russia with Cameroon servers. please analysts advise us. Thank you



  40. Hi @all
    Have somebody experience or information about http://www.mailcubancigars.com ?
    Looks authentic mostly, some details make me worry.
    Thanks for answers

  41. Has anyone ordered or know anything about this new site I came across called mailcubancigars.com?

    They sell cigars, rum, and coffee. Please let me know. I really have a hard time believing most sites are legit. I brought many different brands and vitals from several sites that many think are legit to Cuba. I have been going there over the years and have developed friendships with some of the locals in the business. There was not one cigar that was inspected that was real. Each cigar was looked over, smelled, tasted and taken apart. I am kicking myself for not making a video of the whole thing. Would love to know about mailcubancigars.com if anyone has any experience?

    • Hi Greg,
      I had the same question. In the meantime I found one warning in a US cigar blog about them.
      Maybe somebody else have more info?

      • Hi, I have ordered from them twice before and all are 100% legit. Some of my boxes came cut seals though, but they have to inspect some of the stock especially older boxes.

    • Mail Cuban Cigars.com is a legit website. Order from them once and all checked out although I saw a negative review it seems that guy is a newbie. Probably has never even been to Cuba to do reviews on Cuban Cigars and authentic websites.

  42. is Rare Cigar Store a legit cuban cigar online store?

  43. Any info on rarecigarstore.com? they have Chiba Behike 52 for 750 a box, and in stock….

  44. I have serious concerns about this site https://tiendadehabano.com/. I have not purchased from them and I am not making definitive claims about it’s authenticity. However, I am finding it difficult to validate legitimacy through social media or online reviews. Also, the Blogs on the sites are just copied content from Cigar Aficionado or another website without any citations.

    If anyone has definitive experience with them then please share.

    • Did you place an order with them? I believe it is a scam site.

      • No, I was 99% sure it’s a fake website. They are responsive on emails and sent me pictures of the cigars I was looking for. Also, it’s shady you can’t use your credit cards.

    • They ripped me off for $350 on IG and then blocked me. The IG account references this website. When I reached out to them through the website, they acted like they were going to help till I referenced the IG incident, then they ignored me.

  45. Hi i want to buy good cigar behike 52,54,55 ship to uk. Anyone know where is the good website i can order . Good quality and price. Thank you


    I recently bought Double Edmundos from EMG cigars. They came in packs of three. The boxes were all open. I understand that they do that to inspect the cigars and provide good quality. However, some of the cigars were Montecristo 4s (MC4) mixed with Dobule Edmundos (DE). I don’t know if it was an accident or intentional. Besides comparing sizes, I smoked their cigar along with mine. The cigar that was packed into a DE box was not a DE, but another less valuable MC.

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