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There are hundreds of companies selling Cuban and non-Cuban cigars worldwide. This article is about online cigar shops. Our mission is directing cigar culture through the correct way and deciding authentic products to be purchased.

NOTE: Conclusions and comments are derived from individual experiences by purchased products and companies.

As we were listing these companies we stated some important criteria and tried to list companies fulfilling these criteria.

Our Criteria’s;
* Authentic Habanos product must be available only. (Must have)
* Must be a legal company (If a company is not an official one, doubt product authenticity and trust to company)
* Providing real address and contact information (many companies are using fake address and standart TOLL FREE numbers. These will not be listed)
* Verified by Habanos S.A. or official distributor in the country.(Unverified companies by Habanos S.A. or regional distributors should be questioned.)
* Selling tax paid product.(Taxes are income for all countries. Selling tax-free products as duty-free can be considered but currently I don’t think it’s right to publish at blog.)
* Customer pleasure (Fast reply, finding a quick solution to all problems occurred is extremely important.)

These are the qualified companies fulfilling our criteria’s. (It is not possible to list all but we tried to list most popular ones.)

Let’s see the companies;
LCDH Knokke is one of official sales offices of Habanos S.A which is owned by Mrs. Dominique Gyselinck. She is really one of the leading ladies in cigar knowledge.
More info about La Casa Del Habano Knokke…⇒
HitCigars which was founded in 2010 as well as a legal company. This company where its head office located in Montenegro, ship products from their store (warehouse) in Switzerland.
More info about HitCigars…⇒
The Montefortuna Cigars history has its epicenter in Havana, Geneva and Madrid. Our history within the Cuban Cigar world started in 1985 when one of the most important cigar stores in Geneva was founded.
More info about Montefortuna Cigars…⇒
CigarWorld is one of the official sales offices of Habanos S.A. and they are one of the biggest online and local companies in Europe…
More info about CigarWorld…⇒
CigarOne has one of the largest product range in Europe but they are selling Habanos products only. You can find all Cuban products online here.
More info about CigarOne…⇒
TopCubans is one of the biggest online stores of Switzerland. You can find all Habanos products and shop with 100% confidence.
More info about TopCubans…⇒
Cigars of Cuba is one of the oldest websites and they are selling 100% authentic cigars with wonderful condition. You can place order with confidence. As is it written on their website .
More info about Cigars of Cuba…⇒
TheCigar which is known as LeCigare too, is well known in Switzerland domestic market and sells really high quality products.
More info about TheCigar…⇒
VipCigars is located in Basel, Switzerland and shipments were made from here as well. Product range is really wide and you can find everything you look for.
More info about VipCigars…⇒

UPDATED: 09.02.2020

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  1. hi guys
    has anyone ordered from ? it seems like a fake site and i am not sure to trust it.


    Habanos has announced its annual price increase.
    As a result, we will be increasing our prices on all Cuban cigars.
    These price changes will be reflected by the end of May 2021.
    Mail Cuban

  3. hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has order can cigars from

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