Swiss Cuban Cigars (Asian Cigars) (Fake)

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Old Company Name: CGI International Ltd.
New Company Name: Cuba Tabaco SL (Fake name)
Phone Number: Not available (They changed their phone number with +34-518-808-721)
Fax Number: Not available
Address1: Unit 1010, Miramar Tower, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Hong Kong (They changed their address with Address2.)
Address2: Unit 903-905, 9/F., Kowloon Centre,33 Ashley Road,Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Address3: Duty Free Zone Calle Andres, Perdomo S/N Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 35008 Spain (They changed their address with Address4.)
Address4: Poligono Zona Franca, Oficina C31 Barcelona, 08039 Spain

New Address: Poligono Zona Franca, Oficina C31 Barcelona, 08039 Spain :))

Non-counterfeited products are placed on all cigar division, aiming to say “we sell authentic products, but unfortunately these are now out of stock”. A complete trick, but don’t buy this. Isn’t it funny that all these non-counterfeited brands are out of stock?

Many websites listed below is owned by individual called Andrey Yurechenko and these are other extensions of This is an organization trying to sell their products in different countries at different addresses with different prices. All shipments were made from Costa Rica.

NOTE: We are really happy to reveal websites selling fake products to our visitors and we also would like you to inform us about other websites you know selling fake products. with new name is

Please click here for Full List of Fake Cuban Cigar Shops

Fake Cigar Review Blogs (the new name is
These kınd of blogs are seen as cigar review blogs however their aim is totally different. They direct you to their own sale websites and those websites sell fake cigars also we have pointed out these websites above article;

Please click here for Full List of Fake Cigar Review Blogs

Enjoy smoking…

New Address:…

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  1. Hello dear Cigar Analysis,
    My name is Ivan i live in Denmark and i just have ordered a box or cigars from Swiss cuban Cigars. I realized i made a mistake becouse I didn’t backcheck the website before i made the order. Full me once. So i just got the box a few days ago and i even dissected two of threm, one i dissected in front of a cigar shop owner here in copenhagen. I must say the box that i got look legitamete, the band is the right one, same shape of cigars, everything. If you are interested i have uploaded a review along with the dissection, becouse this is only my second box of cigars i have ever bought. You can find the video on youtube titled “Fake ? Cuban Cigars, Partagas Louisitanas from Swiss Cuban Cigars” i would love to hear from what you guys have to say.

    Best wishes,

    • I saw that video. Those cigars were not fake.

    • I also saw that video, and I also concur with Steve Kern’s opinion that they are legit Partagas.

    • Calman Paul Abrams

      I have purchased a box of 25 Montecristo no 2 from swiss cuban cigars . They smoke great BUT, I saw a video that showed that montecristo cubans have secret letters on the band that can only been seen with a uv light. I purchased a uv light and the letters are not visible. Everything about the box looks real. I can see the watermark on the tax stamp that is only visible with the uv light. The number on the tax stamp checks out with the cuban cigar website. The youtube video also showed cohiba also has a similar secret lettres on the band that also needs a uv light. I would also appreciate any feedback . My email [email protected]

  2. Sommeone had more experiences with Swisscubancigars?

  3. Funny thing here is, this sight might be what is fake. I just authenticated the cigars in that video with They were real… this sight spouting off about what is fake may not know what they are talking about.

  4. Ive bought a box of Hoyo DBL Coronas from Swisscubancigars are they were awful! Totally fake, finally after many emails and pictures I had to send them of their product , they gave me a return address. Never buy from them again….

    • You can buy from cigarone, they are legit, and they have good prices.

      • Swiss cuban cigars are for sure fake, dont buy froom them, there is no way that the cohibas they seling cost less than in cuba, you can make a simple comparacion, 1 siglo VI in cuba costs about 23 dolars, so anyone seling below that price point is prety impossible.

  5. I just received a box of Trinidad 2016 Reserve and I have confirmed through Habanos SA and all other methods of visuals that they are authentic Cuban cigars. I will order again from Swiss.

  6. I received an authentic box of Trinidads 2016 verified through Habanos SA and all other visuals pasts the test. They sell real cubans.

  7. I ordered a box from Swiss cuban cigars and they’re 100% real. Numbers match on habanos website. Cigars taste great and arrived fresh.Not sure why yall are trashing them. Great customer service!!!. Will do business again!!!

  8. I recently received 2 boxes of Ramon Allones cigars. I am very familiar with them and had the opportunity to compare them with some authentic ones received from Cuba on a trip as well as some from Cigar one and Cigars of Cuba. Of note: the one’s I had are identical in every way.

    Upon receipt of the cigars from Swiss Cuban Cigars, I noted the following:
    1) The wrapper is more of a maduro as all the others are a natural wrapper. Red flag which made me look at this more carefully
    2) The band is made from a different paper. Glossy back unlike the others. Embossing is actually different (medallion is incorrect compared to the rest) It isn’t even close! I used loupes to verify the issues on all the cigars in my possession.
    3) Paper insert in the box is slightly different as far as colors etc.
    4) The cigars are a very mild smoke as opposed to a medium-full body. Probably Honduran tobacco. No bueno!

    Save your money and shop elsewhere.

    • I completely agree. We received an open box of Cohiba Siglo II (Swiss didn’t open other boxes) and the vacuum sealed packaging was also open. After back and forth, including pictures, they finally offered a $50 coupon. My last email accused them of selling fakes and they did not even dispute it. Since then we’ve been ordering from Cigars of Cuba and we’re completely satisfied. Comparing with ones we purchased in Cuba, CoC are authentic. Wish I had found this website before making our first order.

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