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Head Office
Company Name: Digital Outsourcing SL
Phone Number: +34 91 074 48 42
Address: C/ Valportillo Primera 5, Spain, Madrid
Company Name: No Compane name
Address: Rue du Grand Lancy 6A (Port Francs Geneva)

General Information (from their website):

The Montefortuna Cigars history has its epicenter in Havana, Geneva and Madrid. Our history within the Cuban Cigar world started in 1985 when one of the most important cigar stores in Geneva was founded.

Our presence in Cuba ensures the quality and authenticity of our product making Montefortuna Cigars the most reliable online shop where to buy Cuban Cigars online. Our expertise allows us to get the finest and most desired Cuban Cigars. Our selection is one of the best you will find online.

Among the Cuban Cigar Brands we offer, you will find: Cohiba, Hoyo de Monterrey, Partagás, Punch, Trinidad, Romeo y Julieta and many more. You will be able to buy a full box or a single cuban cigar.

The boxes we provide come with the original seal and bar code which you can check in the Habanos authenticity system.

Our aim is to offer not only the best Cuban Cigars online, but also to help you find products that we might have missed. Contact us if there is any special cuban cigar you would like to get, and we will do our best to deliver it to your doorstep.

Montefortuna Cigars offers very good prices to its customers for 100% authentic cigars. Their price is lower than the other online Swiss Retailers.

Customer Satisfaction: 8/10
Product Authenticity: 100%
Price: 9/10 (Duty free price)

General Information (from their website): The Montefortuna Cigars history has its epicenter in Havana, Geneva and Madrid. Our history within the Cuban Cigar world started in 1985 when one of the most important cigar stores in Geneva was founded. Our presence in Cuba ensures the quality and authenticity of our product making Montefortuna Cigars the most reliable online shop where…

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User Rating: 2.28 ( 131 votes)
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  1. I had a horrible experience with montefortuna. Legit cigars, but bad customer service. What is on their site is not what they have in stock. They “ran out” of the cigars I ordered (long filler romeos fonsecas and bolivars). They offered to replace with jose piedra and quinteros. They did this twice.Scam company

  2. Great experience at Montefortuna, fast shipping and great service!

  3. Horrible. PLaced an order back on fed 25, almost 2 months later it’s still in processing. Sent several email got similar bs replies:”gonna ship right away”,”will ship this thursday”,etc. NEVER buy from these guys

  4. Arrogant and agressive m.o. and spam social media groups where they can! These idots don’t deliver what you ask for… This retailer should have been taken out off business long time ago… They operate with countless social media accounts to get there feet between the door off cuban cigar communities in order to get there poor goods shoved in… These sharks give the whole scene off trusted retailers a pretty bad name… my advice stay away as far as possible. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere…

  5. Does anyone know if is selling the real deal? I checked their website and many others and they seem to have many special and rare Habanos releases ready available. They also state that they have direct connections in Cuba which makes be uneasy. As far as I am aware I have been to Cuba several times and have never seen what they offer in any store and the prices are 40% higher than what they have listed on the website. Where do they mail products from?

  6. Really good experience with this shop. They have nice products and their customer service is by far the most available. Due to the covid my shipment was a bit delayed but they offered their help every day until it arrived. I can surely say I trust them 200%

    • Angie Jenkins

      How long did you have to wait for your order?

      • Many thanks to Chelsea who handled my issue with the utmost of professionalism. As a first time customer I look forward to a continued relationship with Montefortuna.

  7. I don’t know how to say it’s good price
    Cohiba sigalo 1(montefortono) 21 usd single cigar
    Cohiba sigalo 1(lacasadeltabaco) 12 euro single

    Hoyo de monterrey epicure2 (montefortono) 25 $
    Hoyo epicure2(lacasadeltabaco) 14 euro single cigar
    Please revise it again

  8. I have ordered from this company 3 times and each time I am getting a great product. I have contacted their customer service twice and both times responses were very quick and their answers very helpful. Definitely recommend this company.

  9. I ordered twice from this company and never received an order. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM MONTEFORTUNA CIGARS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

  10. After reading al the reviews i am wondering if i should order from that company. More bad reviews than good ones . It’s definitely not too appealing .I’ll think about it.

  11. I got a box of trinidad reyes 2020 i had a box i purchased from la cassa. The la cassa box was smaller and the bands on the cigars were longer and from a different paper than the ones from montefortuna. Also i ordered a sealed box but the cuba stamp was sliced but the habanos one wasnt. Mb thats how they get you… and the cigars were not tasting right.

  12. Ordered a petite robust sampler and a 3 pk of Monte no 2s. From my past experiences with Cubans I think Montefortuna are selling fakes. All of my smokes from the sampler tasted awful and the Monte no 2s tasted like a Dominican. The labels on the cigars were VERY difficult to remove which I find suspicious also. I also requested my sampler NOT be opened for inspection, yet it was.

  13. Cigars showed up after 3 months. They did offer a refund after 45 days. But when the cigars showed up all were damaged only 2 are able to be smoked if I put the work in to bandage them. I would have bought more if the shipping was just a issue but now that the cigars showed and are in terrible shape I will not be buying from here again.

  14. You have all been duped Montefortuna Cigars. Another fake website set up

  15. Made my first order with these guys and i can say everything went great, from ordering to processing to delivery approx 2 days, was aware of the potential to get stung for uk import tax but luckily mine got delivered without any taxes, cigars very well packaged and i got some great boxed cubans and an incredible price.. Customer service was also very good and responded to my pre delivery query within the hour.. Will be ordering again..

  16. Had great experience at montefortuna cigars …the service has been wonderful and ill be ordering again…

  17. Very helpful customer service fast shipping and the items came very nicely packed definitely will do business again

  18. I have bought cigars many times in montefortuna. It can be said that this is a great company. The quality of cigars is very good, especially there are frequent discount activities, so that customers all over the world can buy suitable cigars.
    At the same time, the customer service staff are also very friendly and timely. In particular, Chelsea – head of montefortuna support ,has provided me with very considerate service and suggestions, so that I can easily get everything I want.
    I hope the company can provide more products and styles in the future, and provide more advantages and scarce products for VIP customers

  19. Great experience, shipping and amazing customer support. I live in Colombia and
    I have ordered three times without any problem. In my last order I had to contact customer service and they answered my request instantly

  20. I have ordered cigars from Montefortuna twice – december 2020 and january 2021. Both times service was good (thank you Chelsea) and delived fast. I have no claims regarding cigars quality or packing. I think I will buy from them again.

  21. This is my second order , the first was delayed because of the pandemic and Chesea was very helpful and she guarantee the refund or replacement , did arrive and I enjoyed every stick
    Just received my second order , fast well packed and in a good condition, couldn’t wait and burn one and it was fresh and enjoyed every buff .

    Just want to say thank you and keep on the good work and definitely will order again and again .


  22. Good service,

    first time client and I’m happy with the quality of the cigars and service. Richard provide a fast respond to my question and i appreciate his service.

    George NY City.

  23. My first Montefortuna order of two boxes of Cuban Cigars was a great success. The boxes arrived separately, but they were sealed and unopened and the Habanos barcode was not covered by their own shipping barcode – which gave me confidence. Both boxes passed the UV light test. Chelsea was great in her communications. Would like to see more shipping options and more cigar availability in boxes of 10.

  24. Great experience so far(placed 4 orders to date)! Customer service is quick and I’ve been dealing with Chelsea who has always taken great care of me. My last order was flagged by customs and returned, she automatically processed the refund without me requesting it. I’ll continue to buy from this site as long as I keep getting the service I’m receiving. Confirming the cigars are legitimate and usually take 4-5 weeks to be received. Thank you

  25. Hello fellow Cigar Enthusiasts,
    So for 2021 I had placed a order with Montefortuna as I have done numerous times in 2020 but with the new restrictions in the U.S. I was a bit nervous that These multiple boxes were not going to make it to my house. Nothing to do with Montefortuna’s end of the deal but just plain and simply due to my own government’s restrictions. Here in the United States of America you can purchase basically anything you want except for a cigar from a small island less then 90 miles from our own border. Unbelievable! Due to this it has been hard to find a reputable place to purchase. Until about two years ago I came across Montefortuna and have never looked back. I have a very nice collection of authentic LCDH Numbered Cuban cigars due to Montefortuna, from the Higher end to the lower end, some to age, my boxes have all made it to me successfully and in tacked including the latest in mid Feb 2021 along with a bit of a surprise! Montefortuna if you read this that was a real nice touch, well wrapped cigar boxes with a small Boveda for the travel, packed in bubble wrap, plus the cardboard box, and then this magical black humidity bag with 5 different free sticks to try! Chelsea, Richard, and Montefortuna staff you guys are absolutely amazing keep up the good work! Back to this latest order, I was like I said, nervous so I reached out by email, and Richard responded that night very reassuring that they were going to make it just fine. That’s what I needed to hear, and as he promised they showed up. It’s been 20 days or less generally is what it takes to get to my door in Wisconsin. I always ship with there upgraded shipping with tracking so I can see where they have made it, also then you will need to sign for it, and I think this helps them not loose my goods. I’ve seen my tracking number stay in the same place for 10 days then finally move but have always gotten my cigars so far. My personal opinion is that if you want legit Cuban LCDH la casa del habanos cigars at what I believe are good prices then Montefortuna is the place to try as I cannot say anything bad about them due to quality, authenticity, packaging, shipping, and most importantly customer service. I’m a blue collar guy in Wisconsin who just likes cigars I hope this review helps your decision if your thinking about trying them I would say give it a shot! Thanks for reading it’s a lot I know. Have a good day.

  26. Don’t think twice, just go ahead and place your orders!
    I’ve placed two orders with Montefortuna in the past 6 weeks. Had a couple of small issues – first order shipped late but that was down to the quality of the cigars I’d ordered (box checked option selected). Got in touch with customer care, they explained the situation, I was happy to exchange my order for another product and the order was shipped the very next day. Even sent me a couple of extra stogies for my troubles.
    Second order shipped within the timelines specified and reached me in time without any hiccups. The order was for loose cigars so I did receive a couple of them damaged during transit. Took a photo and wrote to them and in 24 hours they’d credited my account with the value of the cigars to be used on my next purchase.
    My kudos to Chelsea and Richard for being extremely responsive and helpful with all my queries / issues. Fantastic team and I do hope this keeps up because I’m sure to place many more orders hereon.
    (Express Shipping Option with Box Checked selected for both orders I’ve placed)

  27. I highly recommend Montefortuna cigars. I’ve placed two orders so far and I’ve been satisfied with the value, quality and customer service. I will continue to purchase their products.

  28. I have made Several orders with them and they are sooo good.

    Great experience at Montefortuna, fast shipping and great fast service specially Richard (Help Support)

  29. Gary Rosenfeld

    This is my 4th order from them with no issues. Great prices and I’ve always gotten. Response from Customer Service. Shipping to US is sometimes slow but that’s not their fault. Their sale prices are hard to beat and worth the longer shipping times.

  30. Thus far, I am more than satisfied! Great customer service. Chelsea was very helpful and she did a great job of answering the questions I had and going above and beyond. Thank you. Will definitely be shopping here again!

  31. MONTEFORTUNA is a great place to purchase Cubans, I am a cigar collector and have nearly 2,000 of all kind. On 2020 I’ve purchased many times from this company and I must say I am more than happy!
    Great cigars, great prices, great deals, arrives fast and the cigars are great, fresh, in great condition, always arrives sealed with Boveda. I am buying cigars in many placed including Cuban but MONTEFORTUNA is the best so far, by far! And thanks to Chelsea at CS, great support!

  32. Montefortuna is a good place to buy. Good prices and good costumer services perfomed by Chelsea and crew!
    I am a client for more than a year now and with several shipments.

  33. It’s my first time to buy in Montefortuna and I have many questions to ask. I want to appreciate Chelsea answered my too much questions and now, I follows Montefortuna faithfully!

  34. Great experience at Montefortuna, customer service is very kind and responsible, sharing all information on my order with very (very!) fast reply email (almost less then a half day reply).
    for sure I will use their service in the near future.

  35. José Hyppolito das Neves

    thanks for your prompt attention and solution to my problem with customs
    strong hug

  36. First off i’d like to say is Chelsea did a great job with resolving my issues. With that being said I understand that products run out and thats out of their control. But with a great customer service dept being able to resolve a issue in a prompted manner makes up for it. With that being said i will keep buy my cigars from Montefoutune

  37. My honest reply. I have found Chelsea and Richard at Montefortuna very helpful and prompt with their supplies. If you opt for the Priority Service you can track the delivery situation. My only issue, not Montefortuna’s fault, is that Customs have latched onto some shipments. The duties levied are horrendous and if not paid the cigars are returned to Montefortuna. I have found that the quality of the cigars excellent and I’m surprised at some of the poor reviews.

  38. I have had good experiences with Montefortuna. Their Head of Montefortuna Support Chelsea answered any concerns that I had and was very professional. The cigars I received were very nice! Box codes intact and very well presented. Shipping had tracking and I could see where my package was at. Which was nice to have. Totally authentic and I liked the intact box codes.

  39. First time ordering from Montefortuna, I had a question about my tracking number and thanks to Chelsea for responding and providing me with the information like really quick. Looking forward to receive my order.

  40. Dealing with clients in Montefortuna is great – any problem you face there will be solved by Chelsea. Personally, I had a problem with the tracking number, and after Chelsea intervened, the matter was settled in a swift, sweet and graceful way. Always buy from there and have good quality cigars .. all respect

  41. I have ordered from Montefortuna beginning just a month or so ago. My first two orders arrived in a timely manner. The packaging was excellent, and I appreciated the inclusion of Boveda humidity packs for maintaining freshness. The response and help from Richard and Chelsea in customer service has been courteous and prompt. I have two more orders on the way and anticipate no problems. I plan to remain a customer and can recommend Montefortuna without hesitation! I have used and suggest opting for the priority shipping option!

  42. I have been buying Cubans online for more than 20 years. Montefortuna had something that my regular shop didnt carry, so I placed the first order. Since then I have ordered more than 6 times. No problems with the cigars – quality, packaging, authenticity. I had a problem with one order that was lost and they tracked and traced it and it reappeared. Buy with confidence.

    • I’ve ordered several times from Montefortuna and have a good experience with them. When contacted customer service about certain things Chelsea went above and beyond to help me out.

  43. Ordered a box of 25s Lusitanias with prio shipping to Thailand. Something very strange happened at Thai customs where it seemed that they marked my package with another name and adress, and the package completely disapeared. Contacted Montefortuna about it, they looked in to the case and could confirm that something unusal had happened.
    Chelsea at the support was very helpful and service minded, we agreed upon that I would receive store credit for the value of the lost package. Very happy with the service even though I ofc rather would have received the package!
    Somewhere in Thailand someone lucky received a box of lusis for free!

  44. Montefortuna is great, never have had any issues with them. Legit cigars and good prices! The one time they were out of stock of a cigar I ordered, I was able to choose a similar priced cigar or given store credit plus 5%. Will always recommend!

  45. Ordered from Montefortuna for first time last month, products arrived in pristine condition very quickly. Order total time took about 2 weeks and I was very satisfied with all three boxes of ccs purchased. Following my initial good experience I emailed Montefortuna for advice on recommendations for good cubans to smoke now and Chelsea was able to respond to me very quickly with three recommendations that kept both my goals and budgets in mind. Im gonna buy all three!


  46. I’ve ordered several times from Montefortuna and have had nothing but great results. When contacted customer service about certain things Richard went above and beyond to help me out.

  47. Order several fivers from them, but order was never processed. Apparently they ran out of one of the items. Didn’t notify me for two weeks, naturally I’m getting upset but was told they would replace the missing fiver with three sticks from another brand. Was good with this. Order ships but no notification. We discovered that their automated notifications weren’t going out.

    But long story short I got my sticks in 2 weeks in perfect condition. And instead of the replacement sticks I got the ones I originally ordered. Since I ordered on a Friday I got one extra of each.

    The humidity bags are awesome. The bubble wrap is insane- so good and well protected.

    Richard really did me right. There are some inherent issues, but the end results were extremely satisfying. That’s about all anyone can ask for.

    Will definitely continue to order from montefortuna.

  48. I recently placed my first order with Montefortuna and I am quite pleased. I ordered a box of Partagas P2 which I have not opened yet, and five sticks of Cohiba Siglo IV which came in individual boxes. I spoke to both Chelsea and Richard by email and both were very responsive and pleasant. The cigars arrived in less than two weeks without problem.

    I did look at the Cohibas as these individual boxes were not sealed. All but one looked fine. The other had a label that was a bit loose and crooked. Obviously, I was concerned but Richard assuaged my fears. I decided to smoke it now so I could better assess the cigar.

    I know a genuine Cohiba when I smoke it and this cigar was the real thing. Delicious, lovely aroma, a bit tight on the draw but nothing major. It needs a bit more time in humidor for best results.

    I have already placed another order with Montefortuna.

    By the way, yesterday I smoked a Ramon Allones Special Select (RASS) robusto aged for a year. It was one of the best smokes ever.

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