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Company Name: La Casa Del Habano Knokke
Phone Number: +32 (0) 50 61 24 33
Fax Number: +32 (0) 50 34 94 13
Address: Dumortierlaan 107B B – 8300 Knokke – BELGIUM
General Information:
LCDH Knokke is one of official sales offices of Habanos S.A which is owned by Mrs. Dominique Gyselinck. She is really one of the leading ladies in cigar knowledge. LCDH Knokke is supplied by Habanos’ official importer. There are two more companies held by LCDH Knokke.
LCDH Knokke
LCDH Hasselt
All shipments were made from Belgium and from a single company. It’s one of the wonderful website where you can find 100% authentic Habanos products.

As you know Casa Del Habanos companies are official sales offices of Habanos and prices are slightly higher than other companies. The reason can be explained as following, if a legal company is also selling products in domestic market tax is included in price. Customs tax, Excise Tax and VAT are included in prices and this taxes levied makes difference with tax-free online companies. As we stated before in our blog, we bring companies selling tax paid products forward.

Customer Satisfaction: 9/10
Product Authenticity: 100%
Price: 6/10 (Taxes included)

General Information: LCDH Knokke is one of official sales offices of Habanos S.A which is owned by Mrs. Dominique Gyselinck. She is really one of the leading ladies in cigar knowledge. LCDH Knokke is supplied by Habanos’ official importer. There are two more companies held by LCDH Knokke. LCDH Knokke LCDH Gent LCDH Hasselt All shipments were made from Belgium and from…

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User Rating: 2.68 ( 45 votes)
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  1. This is the website I have put order one time. The cigars were ok so can be recommended

  2. Since one of my friend always shops here I had placed an order as well boxes were good cigars authentic all was ok

  3. best store ever among others that I have tried beforehand. plenty of cigars are available on this website and they are really fast I mean who would have thought that they would have managed to send it to on the same day of ordering? really cool

  4. Before i placed my first order i contacted someone name frederic from the company to ask some question and never expected someone to be such helpful. Mr.Frederic was really helpful and patient with my novice questions. Afterwards i made up my mind to shop through them and finally i had received my first order. My thoughts about this company

    Great customer service
    Fast delivery
    Reasonable prices
    Authentic cigars

    So these are the most important things that aficionados look for. Keep up good work LCDH

  5. I paid a little bit more definitely worths for it to get unquestionable real cigars as well as great customer service. My order arrived in just a week it was really rapid and packaging was very well especially the way vacuum. I would for sure recommend them

  6. I have shopped them few times and my experince i can tell you all that wanna shop them is generally u will be satisfied beside prices. I dont know why prices slightly more expensive thatn market while they have too many competitors in the market but its one of the address you can get authentic cigars

  7. By far the most reliable and customer oriented supplier I have come across.
    Have been using them for approximately 3 years by now.
    No they are not the cheapest by any means.
    But, the customer service and attention to detail way than make up for it.
    I’ve had Frederic contact me on a Sunday within minutes of placing an order with a question to clarify an issue to ensure I had a positive experience.


    do you have any problem sending to illinois?

  9. Do u ship to California

  10. I have been using them for a few years now! They are very good at what they do. Cigars are top notch.
    Always true Cubans.

  11. I’ve recently ordered 7 boxes over a couple orders, and am chittering w satisfaction… Still a bit shocked that I can actually view online, order, and then actually get these prized sticks in my greedy mits, at long last…
    LCDH Knokke is completely legit. As others have mentioned, stellar customer service, great product, fast delivery, trackable from Belgium to Cupertino, Ca. Cigar boxes are vacuum pkg’d in plastic for the trip. Solid. Reliable. The whole experiencial package is well worth the price.

    Partagas Serie P#2
    Montecristo #2
    Cohiba Siglo VI
    Partagas Culebras (2)
    Por Larranaga Petit Corona
    Romeo e Julietta Petit Julietas

    Very pleased to have discovered this business. Kid in candy store.

    I never post about anything, anywhere. I decided to take the time for this post because I received second order today, and so felt compelled to pay some stogie Karma forward, to Knokke…


  12. I was tired of rolling the dice with aubstandard and sometimes illegitimate product with grey-market vendors( the well known vendors…Swiss and Hong Kong) . I decided to go through an official La Casa Del Habano Listed on the official Cuban website that lists each official LCDH. There are many that website shops, but I found LCDH – Knokke. LCDH – Knokke Has been written up in cigar aficionado magazine countless times and won numerous awards from the Cuban cigar industry and other reputable sources. It was the first LCDH to be open to owned by a woman. Also, on other websites on the web that allow reviews of Cuban cigar vendors they have thousands of positive reviews. I started out Making small orders and would check each one( as they don’t scratch off the barcodes like the gray market vendors) On the official SA Habanos Authenticity check website. Every box I ordered checked out exactly as authentic and told me exactly what the contents and brand of the box was The quality was amazing Just a day after opening the order. Whether you order singles or boxes they vacuum pack/seal everything. Their customer service is the best I’ve received from any company let alone a cigar shop. if I send an email I get a reply back usually within three minutes to twenty minutes , sometimes even after the Belgium store has been closed for hours. I’ve now made countless orders over the last three years. I’m not what you would call anywhere near a big ticket client. I’m not rich and my orders aren’t huge. However, they treat me like I was a client who spends tens of thousands of dollars a year through them and was extremely rich and important. They bend over backwards To do anything they can to help you even going so far as to write down the box code for 10 to 20 different singles And then type it up in an email to me along with the order when it’s sent.

    I don’t even bother to check the authenticity anymore. The quality of their cigars are amazing. They are exactly like the cigars when I travel to a country that has a LCDH, And purchase any cigars directly from that store in person, I also have friends in the military that I have been able to visit with numerous LCDH’s owned by the lady who started the original LCDH- Knokke. They’ve all spoken highly of how great the shops are in person and the quality of the cigars.

    I would rather spend a little bit more money, and buy A little less cigars from a company/shop where I have no doubt that the cigars are authentic. I not only know they are authentic, but do not require aging in order for them to be enjoyable and smokeable right out of the box or sealed pack of singles. That’s not to say that I don’t age and recognize the benefit of aging cigars. However,When I purchased cigars from companies like “Cigars of Habanos,” “Cigar One,” “cigar Terminal,” “PuroExpress,” Or other gray market vendors, I was always told by other well-meaning cigar smokers that had been purchasing from these sources for years that the cigars would be in there sick period And would require 1 to 2 years before they would even be smokable. I was also told that by the various companies. With La Casa Del Habano Knokke The cigars are excellent from the get go. If for some reason there is a cigar that isn’t smoking well at the time they will actually tell me before I buy it or even after And suggest a replacement, credit, Or if I still wish they will then send it.

    Also, another thing that speaks to their legitimacy is the fact that they don’t have every single cigar in stock all the time every time. That’s how it is when you’re in Cuba and other LCDH shops.

    I would strongly suggest buying a custom sampler of any size and comparing them to the Cubans you get from other sources. I won’t purchase cigars from any other online shop. Also, compared to other LCDH with online shops Their prices are reasonable comparatively.

    They even toss in a free cigar too and your first order sometimes. I know when I made my first order three years ago they tossed in two or three different regional auditions from the Benelux region.

  13. As to my previous comment that hasn’t posted yet. I wanted to post my order number and information about the order to show That my comments are based off of real orders that I made.

    Your Order Number:


    Your order Total: 142,10 €

    Your order status is: Confirmed

    Your payment for order ZCN3027578 has been confirmed by NextPay

    Your comment:
    Can you please pick cigars with darker oily wrappers? Also, if it’s not too much trouble is there anyway you could forward me the box year the singles come out of? I am sorry for the hassle.

    PProduct status Price Qty Tax Discount Total
    Bolivar Belicosos Finos
    Confirmed 13,50 €
    1 0,00 € 0,00 € 13,50 €
    El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme
    Confirmed 10,10 €
    1 0,00 € 0,00 € 10,10 €
    H. Upmann Half Coronas
    Confirmed 4,70 €
    3 0,00 € 0,00 € 14,10 €
    Partagas Serie P No. 2
    Confirmed 14,60 €
    1 0,00 € 0,00 € 14,60 €
    Por Larranaga Picadores
    Confirmed 9,00 €
    1 0,00 € 0,00 € 9,00 €
    Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas
    Confirmed 6,10 €
    1 0,00 € 0,00 € 6,10 €
    Ramon Allones Specially Selected
    Confirmed 10,70 €
    1 0,00 € 0,00 € 10,70 €
    Ramon Allones Superiores LCDH
    Confirmed 10,30 €
    2 0,00 € 0,00 € 20,60 €
    Vegas Robaina Famosos
    Confirmed 11,60 €
    1 0,00 € 0,00 € 11,60 €
    Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills
    Confirmed 11,80 €
    1 0,00 € 0,00 € 11,80 €
    Product prices result 0,00 € 0,00 € 122,10 €
    High end international courier serviceFree shipping from €350! 0,00 € 20,00 €
    The charge will appear on your credit card statement as Fredo bvba. 0,00 € 0,00 €
    Total 0,00 € 0,00 € 142,10 €

    Thank you for purchasing at La Casa Del Habano Knokke

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