Finest Cuban Cigars is Fake or Real! (Part 1)

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Dear aficionados,

We are more than happy to come up with a new discussion. Today’s discussion is about
We have some substantial evidences that prove Finest Cuban Cigars sells fake some of cuban cigars (not all of them)
At first, this company had sold totally authentic cuban cigars until they obtained a significant number of customers.they later started to do their business in a trick way just like selling fake cuban cigars including some special cigars (Cohiba Siglo VI,Cohiba 1966).

We also have lots of question marks regarding the structure of this online website not only its products;
*If they are a legal company why then they do not reveal their registered name in Hong Kong?
*Why they do not have a local number instead of using toll free US number?
*Why they do not reveal their Hong Kong address and only Switzerland address is available on their website?
*Why they do not have a local Switzerland phone number? and what is the use of putting Switzerland address?
*We found this on their website “We have been distributors of Habanos Cuban Cigars since 1997.”
This basically means that they are official importer of habanos in Hong Kong. But when you go to Habanos S.A’s website as you can see below,
Distributors of Habanos S.A
Official importer of Habanos S.A is The Pacific Cigar Co. Ltd. so now are they making fool of people? leave it to you all to judge this.

We suggest you to ask this basic but very important questions to this company before place order. We hope that Mr. Bill will reply your all questions asap.

Now we will be comparing 2 products that had been bought from Finest Cuban Cigars and will be more clear why we said that they are doing tricky business.

These both boxes were bought from Finest Cuban Cigars. Left one is Fake Cohiba Siglo VI and right one Authentic Cohiba Siglo II

1) Cohiba Siglo II’s seal label is in totally proper way and genuine (label colour,serial number and hologram).

However in the second and third shot, Cohiba Siglo VI’s seal label colour is light green and was deformed as if there was serial number on it. ( most of companies that ship to other countries remove micro serial number from boxes but not this much! you can have a look at our related article here)

2) In this photo, the barcode serial number was cut ( Removal of barcode serial number is a common practice. click for details), but the bizarre part of it;

Serial number was not cut properly and a small part is seen. You can download a barcode scanner app and when you scan this barcode, the result wil be 000013923089

According to this result, as you can see below, when you input the above code on Habanos official website, product name will show up as COHIBA SIGLO VI D-C-C/P-3-A/T-15

which means Cohiba Siglo VI Tubos (5×3 packs) but what we have is Cohiba Siglo VI SLB-VW-GPSR-M-n-25 in other word Cohiba Siglo VI (cab of 25).

So obviously they had stuck a different label belongs to different product!!!

3) Watch the golden rings on top and bottom of the band! on Siglo VI have different high which it should be but not too much difference!!!

4) Labels quality are totally disaster. you can easily see the difference between the 2 labels below.

5) Watch the comma between “Habana, Cuba” on the label. Fake Siglo VI’s comma is on the middle, real Siglo II’s one is close to “habana”

6) When you look at below transparent brand information papers, right one is what it is supposed to look like! but left one is bold and not clear and cohiba logo is very intense.

This is the proof of purchase of this product from

After we released our article related to Cohiba Siglo VI, has ceased selling Siglo VI (SLB 25). Instead they have started to sell 20 sticks.
This obviously means that buyers no longer can buy 25 sticks boxes (SLB 25) through them and thereby buyers would be unable to check barcode serial numbers as well as sealed label part on boxes. Also buyers wont be able to make any comparison with the Cohiba Siglo products purchased before and the one will be purchased.
As we emphasized before FinestCubanCigars mix up genuine and fake cigars and our assumptions has come truth by this last incident.
We will wait a reply from Finest Cuban Cigars about it.

Finest Cuban Cigars has released Cohiba Siglo VI SLB 25 again on their website. The product is for sale as 25 sticks not 20. We cannot make any comment on whether it is fake or authentic but we believe that after our article, they started to sell authentic product.

Attention all aficionados: is belong to Finest Cuban Cigars as well.
as cigaranalysis, we tried to give you some perspective about Finest Cuban Cigars. These analysises were made based on purchased products from Finest Cuban Cigars and not including any prejudice. We suggest you dear aficionados to take these details into account before any purchasing. 
Usually some kind of companies that claim they are selling from free zone (Hong Kong), leave question marks in aficionado’s mind. we also severely suggest to read our article (click here to reach the article)

The falsity of Cohiba Siglo VI has been detected purchased from Finest Cuban Cigars. To make any comments on the other products is also not possible since we cannot say whether it is fake or genuine about the products that have not been purchased yet. Soon another examination will be conducted on another product in here as well.
We would like you dear bloggers to share your experiences negative or positive on Finest Cuban Cigars with us. It should be known that to acquire any clue about any company depends on your sharings. We know that in some reputable blogs, positive comments are being published in return for free sticks and does not reflect the reality.

Hope to see you again on our next article…

Dear aficionados, We are more than happy to come up with a new discussion. Today's discussion is about We have some substantial evidences that prove Finest Cuban Cigars sells fake some of cuban cigars (not all of them) At first, this company had sold totally authentic cuban cigars until they obtained a significant number of customers.they later started to do their business in a trick way just like selling fake cuban cigars including some special cigars (Cohiba Siglo VI,Cohiba 1966). We also have lots of question marks regarding the structure of this online website not only its products; *If they…

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  1. I have purchased 3 boxes of cigars form Finest Cuban Cigars and all have proven to be authentic. I verified them on the website using its verification tool. Type in the bar code and the site verified the smokes as original. However, this article now gives me reason to pause. Perhaps the cigars I purchased: Montecristo No.5 and Petit Edmundo are not popular enough to counterfeit.

    • Maybe so. But I just received a delivery of fake cigars from this company over $100 for 8 cigars and you could not even pack them in a box they are so irregular it’s a joke. The cuts on the end are so fare off if you put them in a box you would have to lauth diagonal to make them fit. I’m pisses.

      • Next time, I suggest using Never had a problem w fakes, 100% legit, good customer service. I am waiting on some RA Superiores from them right now.

  2. Wow! This makes me stop and question them. I have used them multiple times over the years without caution. They gained popularity credit to the dr joe show, and he highly recommended them. Did they ever offer any explanation as to what happened?? I have exclusively used fcc and cigarone in every purchase and never had a problem with either site. Please let us know of any update.

    • Dear Nico,
      As we highlighted in the above article in ATTENTION section, we do not claim that all of their products are fake as we have yet to try all of them. We had only evaluated a few of them and published our results with proofs already. After this article, FCC had contacted us and told us to remove the article in 3 days and we were told if not, they would sue us. Upon this, we told them to do it quickly since we had all evidences about their fake cigars. Also we advised them that we were going to take legal actions against them as well. Later on they have not contacted us which justifies the situation.
      Another thing, who is Dr.Joe? Is he a medical doctor? Like gynecologist?
      Just bear in mind that this kind of people’s reviews contain advertising purposes. As you can see in the relevant person’s website, you will realize that this person works for FCC.
      As CigarAnalaysis, we committed ourselves to find out fake and authentic sellers especially fake ones! Regardless of individual or corporate, nobody can offer money in order to remove their bad reviews or facts from our blog.

  3. I just made my first purchase from FCC December 16th, 2017. It took about 16 days for my sticks to arrive. Not bad considering that was over the Christmas Holidays and New Years. They were packaged well to protect them from any damage. I make frequent trips to the Caribbean and have come across more than my fair share of fake Cuban cigars. Mostly poor excuses for fakes but some that you Really have to inspect to find the flaws. The distinctive flavor of a cigar grown in Cuban soil will always be the final tell. After close inspection of the FCC cigars I received I can say that I have no reason to suspect they are anything but authentic. I’m gonna let these new treasures age a few months in the humi and then give them a try. I’m sure they won’t disappoint. Definitely will purchase from this vendor again.

    • Robert, do you live in the U.S.? I really want to purchase Cubans, but I am somewhat leery due to many of the horror stories I have read and hear regarding shipping, authenticity, customer service, etc.

      • Tad, I am in the US, and I use I have been able to verify everything as legit and their customer service is great. You will NOT get fake Cubans from COH. They are 100% legit. I have a box of Ramon Allones Superiores from them on the way to me in Colorado right now.

  4. Waiting for cigars from fcc right now, im gnna check code with habanos when i get them.

  5. Ok update, just got the montesss number 4s in, 25 of them, i think there authentic. Comparing to taste of real ones i purchased from London….. i was super sketched of buying them lol. But honestly theres so many fantastic cigars not from cuba that i really dont care. So honest opinion if you are too skeptical just go to your local cigar shop and you will get amazing cigars that’s aren’t Cuban and honestly might suit your taste even better than a Cuban.

  6. This article is 100% correct. After reading this article I checked two SIGLO VI box of 25 that I purchased from finest cuban cigars. One of the boxes I purchased in 2014 and the other box I purchased a month ago. I checked the barcode of my recent purchase and it came out to be authentic. However when I checked 2014 purchase on habanos website, it matched the number with another brand: Descripcion: JOSE L. PIEDRA BREVAS C-C-CEL-M-n-25. If you don’t believe me you can check the number yourself: 000023965701.

    It matches with the articles conclusion that finest cuban cigars was selling fake Cohiba in the past. I have been their customer for more than 10 years. In the past their Cohiba pricing was at least $150 cheaper than the market. The barcode check explains why finest cuban cigars was cheaper: they were selling fake Cohiba cigars. I feel cheated for long time.

    Now their prices are not cheap, but at least they sell genuine Cohiba.

  7. This is seriously disappointing. I used FCC exclusively over the last 2 months – spending nearly $700 (usd) total. It is difficult to prove fakes when ordering only a few singles, other than examining the bands and overal appearance because who wants to destroy 1 cigar of the batch to inspect it? I blindly trusted them and have a box in shipment as I write this post. It is very sad that there is no company that can be trusted totally as a source when trying to purchase from the U.S.

    Iwill be checking the bar codes upon arrival. Since this particular order is not Cohibas – Im hoping I get lucky. Being the most popular and expensive makes Cohibas a more likely candidate for faking – but that is nott much relief.

    Isnt anyone yaking legal action or is the potential exposure for those swindled due to the illegality of Cuban contriban making that unlikely?

    Has anyone found a 100% trusted firm with shipment guarantee to the USA?

  8. Waiting on my shipment of H.Upmann Magnum 46 from FinestCubanCigars. How can I tell if they are fake ? Please advise before I spend more of my hard earned money.


  9. abdullah aldarwish

    I’ve bought a box of Piramides Extra and the box turned to be fake. The bands around all the cigars are very loose. I wish I saw this post before buying from them.

    Some people learn for free, some will have to pay.

  10. I have used for quite a while with no problems. No fakes, numbers all check out, taste great. Good customer service too. And no, I don’t work for them or in the tobacco industry at all. Just a smoker who hates to see people getting ripped off. I’ve also heard that is legit, but I have never used them. I do know others who have and were satisfied.

  11. I was sent by a new Finest Cuban Cigars to a new siglo VI box because they sent me cigars with termites before.

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