Why do they sell fake cigars? What do they aim? Is it only for making more money or scamming cigar lovers?

I think, both. These companies(if they really are) are unfortunately nightmares of cigars lovers. There is no legal action is taken against these companies. As I heard from a friend of mine working at Habanos S.A., there is a department in Habanos who are inspecting all companies selling Habanos product all around the world. Ok, but what is this department doing? Are they inspecting only companies selling Cuban cigars? What kind of legal actions are taken against these companies selling fake products. Answer is simple; nothing. I have sent mails regarding this issue maybe tens of times. I declared all companies selling fake cigars but I could not get a single reply. That’s the reason why I decided to write this blog and try to inform people and maybe urge Habanos S.A. to begin legal actions against these companies. I hope after people showing up interest to our blog Habanos will begin doing their job.

When we come to the issue, at this article we will inspect companies selling fake Cuban cigars online worldwide, list and reveal them one by one.

Our aim is to make everybody aware of these companies and try to prevent people buying from these companies. If we can succeed, these companies will lack in effect slowly and decrease their activities in time. Maybe there will be no need for Habanos to take any legal actions. J

We revealed current counterfeited Habanos products at FAKE CUBAN CIGARS article in detail but we also need your help to complete the whole list. You can help us by providing firms you purchased along with detailed images of the products that you are sure that counterfeited.

Below you can find the current list of websites selling fake Cuban Cigars online;
7 websites listed below is owned by individual called Andrey Yurechenko and all of them is same company.

Solo Cigars (Asia Cigars) (Accumweb Ltd.)

Solo Cigars (Asia Cigars) (Accumweb Ltd.)

Finest Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Finest Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Rocket Cigars (Asian Cigars) old name Go Cubans

Rocket Cigars (Asian Cigars) old name Go Cubans

Royal Habanos (Asian Cigars)

Royal Habanos (Asian Cigars)

Swiss Cuban Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Swiss Cuban Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Vip Cuban Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Vip Cuban Cigars (Asian Cigars)

Cuban Cigars Best (Asian Cigars)

Cuban Cigars Best (Asian Cigars)

Cigar Smokes (Asian Cigars)

Cigar Smokes (Asian Cigars)

Cuban Cigar Plaza (Asian Cigars)

Cuban Cigar Plaza (Asian Cigars)

Buy Cuban Cigars Online

Buy Cuban Cigars Online

(Updated 01.20.2019)

There are two noticeable websites in these;



There websites are advertising at the one of the most popular blog in the world (Cigar Inspector). It is unbelievable such a blog accepts this kind of advert. They should immediately stop this advertisement and should apologize from its visitors.

NOTE: We are really happy to reveal websites selling fake products to our visitors and we also would like you to inform us about other websites you know selling fake products.

ALL FAKE CIGAR SHOPS LIST (Updated 05.16.2020)

GoCubans.com with new name is RocketCigars.com
(Updated 02.27.2021)


ZohoCigars.com (This blog is inactive right now. The new name is CigarAdvisorBlog.com)
These kınd of blogs are seen as cigar review blogs however their aim is totally different. They direct you to their own sale websites and those websites sell fake cigars also we have pointed out these websites above article;

Enjoy smoking…

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  1. I have bought from https://tiendadehabano.com a total of 4 times and i believe they are legit. If they are fake means they are very good at it, my boxes always come in sealed with all stamps. As soon am done with my behike 52 i am ordering for more.

  2. Has anyone ever purchased from greenwoodcigars.com?

  3. Recently obtained from tiendadehabano.com a box of Diplomaticos the sticks were well rolled with dark toothy, chocolate brown wrapper. It started off slowly, then developed a rich woody, pecan nut flavor with touch of cinnamon on front of my tongue that I enjoy, burned well.

    • Cigar Salute is a scam also. I ordered from a guy named Dan in New York and he sent me a box of fake Cohiba’s. He doesn’t answer my emails. I recently checked his youtube channel also and all his videos have many dislikes.

  4. Dude, that is flat-out false and you know it. I have ordered from TopCubans for nearly 20 years and iHavanas for close to 10 and they’re both legitimate. I’ve checked the box codes and all the information with Habanos, S.A., on products I’ve received from both and they’ve always checked out as authentic. I order from iHavanas a little more now only because they have better monthly deals, and since they’re located in a duty free zone in Switzerland they don’t charge you the high tobacco duty, and ship for free, therefore, you can get more great deals with them.

  5. I buy cigar from RareCigarStore.com,They cheat me they have shipped to me and ask me to pay 400 USD for stamp.It’s fucking redicurous.There is no insurance stamp in China.My cigar values less than 400 USD.

    And I will make cigar funs known all over the world they are cheaters.

    • Bro,I also be cheated by the fake site.

      • Patricia moore

        I bought my husbands birthday fav from them . I was scared from the start based on the payment method which wasn’t secured but my box arrived safely

        • Cohiba Esplendidos for US$430 and always have in stock BHK’s a MUST fake website. Cohiba Genios line have not been available from Habanos since mid 2020

    • I have bought from the http://www.therarecigarstore.com amd i have really enlever encountered a problem with them .I have been buying from them for over 8 months now and I have nothing to complain about .

      • You are a liar. That site is fake as shit. You are probably the scammer running the site. I was scammed for 900.00 usd and they gave a fake shipping company. NEVER buy from here.

  6. I also be cheated my RareCigarStore.com
    982 USD.
    They have two websites:

    One for shop,another one for logistics to cheat buyers.
    There is no telphone number and their location on website.
    If you cheated,you even cannot find them.
    Fuck them!

    • All of the above is same problem I had. Scammed for 900 USD for a box of Behike 52. Stay far away.
      FICK YOU scammers

      Montefortuma is legit, have purchased 3 times. All boxes check out. It takes about 2 weeks for them to arrive in the US. Packaged with Boveda packs.

  7. RED FLAGS: When you look at the prices and see Cohiba Robutsos for $800.00 for 25 sticks and then see Esplendidos for $430.00 that’s a huge stay away! i have started a new website http://www.cigarsalute.com

  8. have you heard anything about cubancigarmegastore.com

    • Hi Albert, I see they say have been online from 2006 but when doing a search they have no reviews and no history with 15+ years online. Also noticed images with ….com watermark logo. They have good prices also and these should go up by end of this by end May 2021 due to Habano’s price increase.

    • Has anyone heard anything about cubancigarmegastore.com, americancigarsonline.com or cubancigarwholesale.com?
      How legit are they?

  9. Has anybody purchased cigars from Cuban cigar megastore?

    • Another FAKE website exposed. https://cubancigarden.com/

      Same design as other fake websites. Will the Admins of this website update the Fake shop list?

      • Same, I got scammed by Cubancigarden as well and even their logistics company. Really the worst, don’t buy from them.

    • Re: Cubancigarmegastore.com

      I have recently being inquiring about shipping from the cubancigarmegastore and what their address is as it’s not on their website. They only have 2 phone numbers and a fax number with no address.
      The reply, as you read below, has been curt and discourteous to a potential customer.
      Has anyone been able to buy genuine cubans from this website?

      Dear Sir,

      You have (specifically) asked us if we can ship to France & Belgium, and we have promptly replied that we can ship only to Belgium.

      Now you are asking if we can send to Spain, Netherlands, Germany, or Italy.

      Our answer is to none of them.

      For your guidance we are shipping from Switzerland and our HQ are in Nicosia, Cyprus.

      If you are interested to receive merchandise from us, please be advised that you should be paying VAT, import taxes, and (perhaps) luxury taxes in EU destinations.

      On the other hand, should you have any questions of our integrity, feel free to do business with another legitimate peer.


      American Cigars Online
      Customer Service team

  10. Has anyone have any information about ihavana.com

    • Although my go-to site is puroexpress.com (been using for years), last yr I was told about ihavana and ordered some Cohiba Siglo IIs which were delicious. They occasionally have stock that puroexp may not, and offer promo prices well below what others show on select items. Given Habanos jacked pxes to the moon a few months ago these discounts are quite welcome. I had trouble logging in recently as had forgotten password but they responded very quickly to a direct e-mail to ihavanas.com. Hope this helps.

      • Serious question bc I’m trying to order Cigars for Christmas, you truly believe IHavana is a legitimate site and sells all real Habanos ? Also what are your thoughts on Cigar mega store ?

    • I use them often and they are great. usually good prices, you need to check their inventory often as there are no alerts but you can get some great stuff.

  11. Has anyone ever ordered cigars from my-cuban-cigars.com?

  12. Hey bro have you ever heard caycigars.com?

  13. caycigars.com is another scam website. Look at the pics and the layout is the same as several other fake websites such as greenwoodcigars.com / habanostsicks.com / lacasadelhabano.net. They also operate under fake profile names on Facebook in many cigar groups.

  14. I get to hear of bad comments about the rare cigar store but from my personal experience with them as a certified cigar sommelier I undoubtedly believe they are real. I have bought a lot of cigars from them while in China and in Qatar and they shipped amd delivered them to me without any head aches . Your experience might be bad for some reasons but probably they are not fake .or maybe you got to deal with a fake profile

    • At first buying with them was very difficult. Those who say they are fake have a point because they didn’t know how to work things out well but I believe they are not just fake too. Their services have upgraded now and they work on very well and smoothly . I have been ordering from them lately and I really can’t say they be fake

    • they are a scam. they scam you when you buy them and try again through the courier service. Stay away!!

    • Nice try scammer. Same line of bullshit they say when questioned in the contact section of the website.

      FAKE site……you will never get anything and shipping company is fake too.

  15. Has anyone ever purchased from swisscigarbank.ch ? Much information for any information

  16. Anyone know about “Swiss Cigar Bank” the website is: swisscigarbann.ch
    anyone purchased cigars from them?
    I placed orders, no reply from them after several mails and the contact on their Facebook is incorrect, no customer service. That’s really really hard for buyers to believe they’re not fake website.

  17. I have bought a couple of times from cubancigarden.com i think they are reliable, they shipped to me while i was in the uk last month
    i’ll order again soon
    thank you

    • Hmm…just checked out the website and went straight to Cohiba’s. They have BHK’s in stock for only 600 pounds and other hard-to-find vitolas or not being produced right now in Cuban factories. They also advertise cards but then offer to pay by Venmo, cash app, or crypto.

  18. Cuban Cigar den is suspicious as they sell R y J Churchill in tube for 800 and BHK’s for 600. This is a fake or ripoff website. https://cubancigarden.com/?product=romeo-y-julieta-churchills-anejados-at-box-of-25

  19. hi guys,
    I am new here.
    I would like to hear some reviews for therarecigarstore.com and http://www.ihavanas.com?
    the first one has on partagas serie D No4 a photo of Davidoff.
    The second one has good prices but a very big shipping period..

  20. Anyone purchase any cigars from House of Habanos ? Want to know if it is a legitimate site. Done lots of looking into seeing if it’s authentic. Not much info so far

  21. Any news on Cuban cigarden

  22. LOOKING for RESPONSE from CigarAnalysis or other aficionados!!!

    I have tried many of the sites mentioned by CigarAnalysis. The posts on this website proved to be very acurate and helpful.
    I purchase cigars in large quantities because it’s used as treats in my business saloons. The stocks are low with many trusted sellers and I started to look for other merchants. I recently came across TheHavanaCigars.COM, which has some hard to find inventories. Unlike other known counterfeit-selling websites, this merchant has a wide range of Cuban cigars including less known brands. And the availability of the most profitable FAKE items are not all “in stock” like many fake websites. The BHK’s are all out of stock, which I presume is a big chunk of profits for the fake sellers.
    Also the prices on TheHavanaCigars.COM is on the lower end of online merchants, but not unreasonble. Many of the not-so-rare items are in similar price range as the real Cuban websites.
    However, like many fake sellers, THC.com does not provide exact company name, address, phone no. on their website. When I emailed them about authenticity and shipping source, they told me their products ships from “Switzerland, Hungry, or Central America”. (?????) I don’t know if Central America raises any red flags, but it surely sounds fishy to me. I suspect they put 3 countries because most buyers are familiar with the other 2, but their items will actually ship from somewhere in Central America.
    Found some cigars I want to purchse on this website, want to confirm if they are legit.

  23. Anyone ever bought from this website? https://cubancigaronline.com/
    The products looks attractive.

  24. Does anyone have any info on house of grauer is it a legitimate site

  25. Anybody knows about “PromoCigar.com” fake or real Cuban Cigars?

  26. Does anyone now if The Cuban Cigar Megastore is legit

  27. Jonathan Cohanne

    I recently ordered from http://emporiohabanos.com/ and they delivered. I was skeptical the cigars will be fakes but after several verifications turns out they were authentic.

  28. Dont buy from Ciggarosemporium ig https://instagram.com/ciggarosemporium?utm_medium=copy_link

    its a scam.. got scam buying from them for usd 4,000, they gave me fake courrier.. please be carefull..

  29. Recently, I have ordered over $5k worth of Cubanos from https://www.cubancigarsbest.com/ – every single box is legit and checks out on the Habanos verification site. The service is snappy out of Zurich to NY and down to Texas. I have ordered Trinidad, Partagas, Bolivar, Ramone Alones, Punch, Montecristo, H. Upman, H. Upmann Magnum and Hoyo de Monterrey – all with excellent service. Not sure about the info above on Fake sites, I would try a small order and see first!

  30. has anybody heard of onlinehavanacigars.com Thank you

  31. Angelina Ruffin-Alexander

    Salondehabano.com is another fake site. Beware!!!!!

  32. Bought from SwissCubanCigars and received cigars that looked legit. Upon further examination of the tax stamps, the micro printing was not correct, the labels were not attached right and I could copy/scan the labels. I also pulled up CubanCigarBest site and low and behold, they are the same company. Same address in Spain and nearly exact same customer service phone numbers. They list an address in Hong Kong, too. SwissCubanCigars has an additional in Switzerland. BUYER BE WARE!!!

  33. How about doing us all a favor and tell us where we can purchase REAL cuban cigars?

  34. Fake Cigar shop- https://oldhavencigars.com/ Fake logistics company – https://globalxprezz.com/
    They are a team.
    I am a victim of a fake cigar store, they advertise on INS, their website has no formal payment system, no credit card payment, no online payment channel, they use INS to send you a message for payment, the order shows that it has been sent, but the logistics company they use is a completely unknown company, after I chatted with them, I have reason to suspect that this shipping company is also fake, sent a fake order number, they also made me pay for insurance after updating the logistics information. After I chatted with them, I have reason to suspect that the shipping company is also fake, sent a fake order number, they also asked me to pay for insurance after updating the logistics information, the most ridiculous thing is that this logistics company also asked me to buy FDA documents, of course, I better pay 50% customs duty, all this is their scam, I was cheated $1225, plus $625 about the insurance money, INS they disappeared, the logistics update has been stuck in HOLD ON, they’re so abominable, hope others won’t be scammed again.

  35. cubancigaronline.com. who use this web shop ?

  36. Has anyone order cigars from http://www.buyhabanos.com? Is it a Fake Website?

  37. Anyone brought from https://rockcigar.com/ before ??

    Stay AWAY from it !!
    First I was being requested to pay them by Crypto $600, and then the logistic company send me an email to ask me to pay another $500 before they can release the parcel.
    This is a SCAM !!

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