Dear Aficionado’s,

There are hundreds of companies selling Cuban and non-Cuban cigars worldwide. This article is about online cigar shops. Our mission is directing cigar culture through the correct way and deciding authentic products to be purchased.

NOTE: Conclusions and comments are derived from individual experiences by purchased products and companies.

As we were listing these companies we stated some important criteria and tried to list companies fulfilling these criteria.

Our Criteria’s;
* Authentic Habanos product must be available only. (Must have)
* Must be a legal company (If a company is not an official one, doubt product authenticity and trust to company)
* Providing real address and contact information (many companies are using fake address and standart TOLL FREE numbers. These will not be listed)
* Verified by Habanos S.A. or official distributor in the country.(Unverified companies by Habanos S.A. or regional distributors should be questioned.)
* Selling tax paid product.(Taxes are income for all countries. Selling tax-free products as duty-free can be considered but currently I don’t think it’s right to publish at blog.)
* Customer pleasure (Fast reply, finding a quick solution to all problems occurred is extremely important.)

These are the qualified companies fulfilling our criteria’s. (It is not possible to list all but we tried to list most popular ones.)

Let’s see the companies;
LCDH Knokke is one of official sales offices of Habanos S.A which is owned by Mrs. Dominique Gyselinck. She is really one of the leading ladies in cigar knowledge.
More info about La Casa Del Habano Knokke…⇒
CigarWorld is one of the official sales offices of Habanos S.A. and they are one of the biggest online and local companies in Europe…
More info about CigarWorld…⇒
CigarOne has one of the largest product range in Europe but they are selling Habanos products only. You can find all Cuban products online here.
More info about CigarOne…⇒
HitCigars which was founded in 2010 as well as a legal company. This company where its head office located in Montenegro, ship products from their store (warehouse) in Switzerland.
More info about HitCigars…⇒
TopCubans is one of the biggest online stores of Switzerland. You can find all Habanos products and shop with 100% confidence.
More info about TopCubans…⇒ was launched in 1997 and is based in the tax free Cayman Islands. Due to more shipping restrictions…
More info about Duty Free Cuban Cigars…⇒
Cigars of Cuba is one of the oldest websites and they are selling 100% authentic cigars with wonderful condition. You can place order with confidence. As is it written on their website .
More info about Cigars of Cuba…⇒
TheCigar which is known as LeCigare too, is well known in Switzerland domestic market and sells really high quality products.
More info about TheCigar…⇒
VipCigars is located in Basel, Switzerland and shipments were made from here as well. Product range is really wide and you can find everything you look for.
More info about VipCigars…⇒
Swiss Cigar Bank

UPDATED: 08.02.2017

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  1. Do you not read the review of the cigar inspector?
    I ordered cigars for verification of the content is written.
    As a result, it is written in the cigar inspector review seems truth.
    They sent me the tracking number, but the data did not exist anywhere.
    I would urge the attention to the whole world through the credit card company.

    This shop is very suspicious.

    This is the web site that I have as a reference.

    • The Hamburg LCDH may well rip you off, if ordering from abroad. They had sent cigars before, albeit taking their sweet time to do so. The last time, they took my money (via credit card) and despite several emails and phone conversations over 10 months telling me they would send or had sent them, Christoph was just lying. Pretty sad that the only time I have ever had an issue was when ordering from an LCDH…a German one, no less.

  2. how about ihavana

    • We aware that in order to confirm a website whether it is a original or fake, we need to access below informations on website;7
      Company Name:
      Phone Number:
      Fax Number:
      The website mentioned by you we do not see any information that we would like to see. It is not right to comment about a website that has only email address on their website.

  3. Any info on (edited by CigarAnalysis)

    • ​Dear TFN,
      It is not a proper manner by writing related website’s URL to obtain backlink and your attempt has been corrected.
      Once related company demands then will be added to this page.

      • My question was directly related to you overall distribution of propaganda accosiated to falsifying authenticity. The question can be simplified. Is the RFI on the website above real or fake?

        • This is already CigarAnalysis job that to find out websites sell fake in all over the world and we are capable to determine whether a website sells fake or not through our criterions. So what does it bother you here? What kind of criterion do you have? Your all anonymous comments and unvalid e mail address show that you are not a real commentator

      • The term backline is used to refer just to audio amplification equipment that stands behind the band on stage, including amplifiers for guitars, bass guitars and keyboards.

        I simply used your nomiclacture shown above subtracting the prefix “www.”

        How do I know I’m not being mixed in soil full of propaganda in the heat of the sun by a man flipping s fake rake? This and my last reply are not currently posted. Pleases correct your response to the orininal post or I will feel obligated to do so

        • Dear TFN,
          Thank you for your interest however here is a honorable cigar forum.
          To entertain yourself please go and enroll into related colleges in your country. I am sure there are a few free colleges that provide such “entertainment”department. You have proved your success by not being aware of BACKLINK term as you mentioned BACKLINE in your comment.
          We as CigarAnalysis family congratulate you and wish you many more successes

          • Neither one of you know proper english grammar. I now feel less intelligent after reading each of your comments. I appreciate the useful information provided by thjs site. However, both of you gentleman need to further your education on the English language.

        • I want to buy some cigars , but i live in Viet nam. Can you ship to Viet nam

  4. Are there any websites that sell online authentic cubans from ASIA, specifically Hong Kong?

    • cigarsofhabanos (edited by cigaranalysis) in Hk….. I’ve ordered from them numerous times and even met the owner …. good stuff, great prices…. I’ve even once returned a box (only coz i didn’t like the strong blend, so kept one box that i opened and returned the unopened one) …. very good service and they post with a tracking number.

  5. Cigar One will not deliver unopened boxes of cigars. Search online reviews and you will find this is the case with all their shipments. I placed two orders for a total of 6 full boxes of cigars and everyone arrived with the seals broken and previously opened. I’ve ordered from other companies that take 4-5 weeks for cigars to arrive, but at least box I’ve received from them were unopened with original seals intact.

  6. Doug michigan

    CIGARS OF HABANOS- I ordered a box of Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 2 and Petit Robustos. Both full boxes had seals that had been cut and boxes opened prior to shipping. The cigars out of the box and after sitting in humidor for a couple weeks had cracking wrappers, cigars were tight in some places and loose in others.
    Highly suspicious and poor quality cigars. I will not order again from Cigars of HABANOS.
    I wish there was a feature to upload photos of cigars. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    • Dear Doug,

      Can you please share your cigars’ photos?
      Best Regards,

    • I have ordered over 10k in cigars from cigarsofhabanos….no issues

    • I have had nothing but great results from COH. I’ve been a customer for 10 years. The proprietor, Ravi has always made good on any discrepancies. He has always answered emails within 48 hours. He also opens every box to make sure the cigars are in hood order.

      • Ordered 20+ boxes (every different brand of petite corona numerous times). Monte #4 were legit at first (to earn business) then were substituted w/only God knows what. Substitute was very peppery, no draw, darker and very inconsistent color, loose cap. Brought it to Ravi’s attention and he explained they have too high of volume for any quality control and didn’t offer a refund or credit. Currently looking for a new vendor.

  7. Doing the lord’s work with these posts!! Much appreciated. I’ve ordered from both TopCuban and CigarOne and while they’re both great, CigarOne has unbelievably fast shipping. I’ve ordered cigars from them and from a US cigar shop and received my Cubans first.

  8. How about Cigar Terminal? I have ordered twice and the seam to be Real Deal Cuban Cigars! Are the Real web Site?

  9. good site.

  10. Greetings,
    Has anyone ordered from They say they deliver to the U.S. but I’m a little worried that they are based out of the Cayman Islands. I recently heard of a large number of fake cigars that were confiscated recently? ANY good/bad feedback?

    Thank you,

    • Damian Cayman is the greatest guy who will take care of whatever you need! I have ordered multiple times from him and received my cigars in perfect condition and unopened seals. All authentic. I had ordered a box of BHK 52 and actually had received a vintage box of them for the same price as a 2017 box. I cannot emphasize enough how stress and worry free ordering from this site is.

  11. Thank you so much for the site it really is a godsend. I was wondering about a callrd:

    I would greatly appreciate any information.

  12. hi
    how about

    • Dear grach,

      We can not say something about iHavanas but everybody knows that they are the same of Cigarsofhabanos. Same site system.
      So we will inform all readers when we made a test order from ihavanas.

  13. Thank you for this website. You list Swiss Cigar Bank as reputable, but I do not see anyone reporting them as reputable. Just the opposite in fact. Can you please confirm authenticity? Many thanks!

  14. Hi, is a decent store to trust? I ordered from them twice. The first one arrived in 12 days and everything was just fine. However the second one wasn’t so good. I waited up for three weeks and started to contact them by e-mails telling them that I failed to track my package. I didn’t receive any response until I left them a message via the Messenger. Eventually I didn’t receive the package at all. Although they returned my money, the thing that got me so mad of them is their slow response. Another guy even left a message at their facebook page doubting if they are out of business.

    So I just want to know if it’s a trustful cigar store, thanks.

  15. I am curious if there is any stores that do not open boxes before shipping them out to the customer? I want to order some Cuban cigars but I don’t like the fact that someone else is touching my cigars or opening my boxes.

    • Poster above is exactly right. Why do these shops open our cigars? They cut the seals and open the box and they say Oh we just want to check the box for freshness or quality, that’s B.S. We want to buy Cuban Cigars from dealers who respect us enough to let us break the seals. Without it, even if they are real, it cast doubt.

      • Hi Thomas, this is exactly why I started making my own trips to Havana. Every box is completely sealed with receipts from LCDH or GEC Caracol Houses. Shipping only to US and Canada. For a little bit more money, you get a perfectly sealed, original box that nobody has touched or tampered with and if there are any quality issues, I will take it up with the shop owners in Havana next time down. Take a look!

        • Are you guys f****** serious. These are rolled by HAND. Meaning, people touch them. Retailers open and inspect boxes so that they know the quality they are selling. I wouldn’t want to sell hundreds or thousands of boxes of cigars that I never looked at. Doesn’t make any sense. HOWEVER, if the consumer wants the option to have a sealed box, maybe possibly implementing a waiver, so that if they do not like the quality they receive, they can not return them. I prefer my cigars being inspected. Consistency is not Cuba’s forte. Not by a long shot. Also, they are handmade agriculture products. Inherently inconsistent.

  16. how about ? A new website and selling some very rare cigars.

  17. Some body order cigars from

  18. Your list is wrong! Top Cubans sells FAKES!

  19. Hi Edgar,

    DFCC suppliers are based in Switzerland and product is also shipped from there. Our logistics office is based Cayman Islands.

  20. Why does CigarOne open all boxes of cigars before sending them…they refused to send unopened boxes

  21. Bought a box of mille fleurs partagas 25 count from swisscigarbank and compared it to cigarone and top Cuban vendors same cigars and tge ones from swiss cigarbank look diffrenet very sloppy, still long fillers inside but taste like shit compared to vendors from Switzerland, makes me think they’re fake unless they are just extremely bad quality b-grade cuban, would deffinetly not buy from there again vendor ships from China

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